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We love to share our Happy Tales (Tails) and if you send in your pets current  photo we can post it here and let everyone know just how fabulous our critters are from the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Animal Shelter, where unconditional love is just an adoption away!

Here are some of our latest...

This beautiful dog was pulled from our shelter a few months ago. She was eat up with mange and was heartworm positive. We received this update from the rescue that took her. They then sent us another update about 2 weeks ago. Annabelle is through with her medical treatments and has found a wonderful forever home. 

Kasem, now known as Loki is having a blast in his new home in New York!

Corbie is getting ready for the long trip home! This little guy came to us with 3 other brother and sisters, all of which were extremely shy. After a few weeks they have all "come out of their shells" and have found their homes. Corbie's new home is in Arkansas. 

Veruca Salt, know known as Josie, has adjusted well in her new home. Her family has reported that she loves her canine family as well as her human family and any stranger that she meets. We are so happy to hear that Josie has found her perfect home!

The Beautiful Amber is reporting in! I love my new family and couldn't be happier. I graduated from puppy obedience and now I am a well rounded gal. 

Two siblings were adopted by two siblings! Noel and Nova are from the same litter and they were adopted by a brother and sister. While they don't live together, the girls both live in the same city and get to play with each other from time to time. Their new families report that the girls play well together and are happy and healthy.

Tilly and Tessa, now known as Tribble, are reporting in from their new home! As typical sister do, these girls play all day and fight over toys. Tessa was renamed Tribble. You know, triple trouble. Tibble is more outgoing than her sister and has fallen in love with her new dad. Tilly is the quiet type. She only raises her voice when Tribble tries to take her toys. We couldn't be happier for Tribble and Tilly!

Update on Oliver! He is doing great and will be attending puppy obedience classes in the near future. We are so happy for this good looking pup!

Oliver is a couch potato in the making. His new family reports that he loves playing with his new brothers from another mother and does not enjoy the cold. Congrats Oliver on you new home!

Pamalina, now known as Zoe, is the picture of health and is enjoying her new home!

After a rough few days, Edwin has made himself at home with his new sister. His new family has reported that they play with each other and chase each other around the house.

Saber, now known as Huckleberry has settled in nicely at his new home. He is enjoying his new stash of toys.

Bellamina, now known as Tali, was adopted on 10/3/12 and her owner reports that Tali loves her home and is a beloved member of her new family. Congratulations Tali!

Maddie here! Let me tell you about my life outside of the shelter. Its been about a year since you last saw me and a lot of things have happened. I have found a loving home and an awesome Boxer friend just like me. I love to go hiking and couldn't have asked for a better home!

HSLC reporting in! Poco, now known as, Boone has found a great home.

Don't we all love a happy story? This time we have 3! Sky, our shelter voice for this week, has been adopted from Petsmart in Murfreesboro. Melody, our 16 yr old shelter voice from 2 weeks ago, has been adopted from Petsense in Tullahoma. Finally, Church, our 12 yr old diabetic kitty, was adopted by an incredible woman. Our greatest wish is for all of our animals to have these kinds of stories.



Another Happy Ending! Abbott, now known as Dakota, was with us for a very long time and we were getting worried! Along came 2 wonderful people and changed Dakota's life forever. He is happy and adjusting very well to his new abode. Costello, now known as Kennedy, was also adopted by the same family. Both of these boys are happily enjoying their life in a wonderful new home.

Tinkerbell was adopted on the 10th of November and her new family says that she is adjusting wonderfully to her new home!

Lila was adopted on 9/7/13 and is know known as
We love her? She is perfect and very spoiled!

We got Bowie (originally Maddie) on October 1, 2012. She has been the best dog ever and we are so happy to have rescued her.





This is Cam (alias "Ranger") who was adopted in January 2012 with his 2 standard poodles. Carol


Tucker was found in our night drop pen along with his siblings, but Tucker was one of the lucky ones, he found a fantastic home and Melissa says "he fits right in!"


Updates on Margarita!

Hi Kim, I hope that you are doing well. I just wanted to send you a quick update on Margarita now that I've had her for a little over a month!

First, I did change Margarita's name to Nymeria (the name comes from the HBO series/Book "Game Of Thrones"). Nymeria has been doing incredibly well! We had her first vet visit a couple of weeks ago, and everything looked great, one healthy pup! She has learned her name very quickly and has been unbelievably well behaved. Still working on house training, but she is doing great aside from the occasional accident (to be expected). She loves making friends with other dogs, enjoys running around free-range, and likes going to the beach for a swim. So far she's learned "sit," "come," "crate," commands and continuing to work on a few others.

I have included a few photos of Nymeria for you! I'll let you know once she's had her spay procedure (scheduled for next month).

Take care,
John and Nymeria Cogswell




To the Dear Ladies of the Fayetteville Animal Shelter,
I hope this picture will bring a smile to your faces.  This is Harmony with her big brother, Buster (also rescued).  They are watching for their Daddy - how cute!

Thanks for your good work.  We love our puppy!

Jackie Zigelsky


                      MILLER                                        SCOOBY DOO

Thanks to Cathy Anderson of Woody Anderson Ford, two grown dogs found great homes this month.
The first was Miller, a Golden Retriever that went to a fantastic family in Huntsville.  It seemed to be a match destined to his new last name is Miller.  When I called to check on Miller his new owner said he spent most of his time in the pool with the grandkids!  What a great story!
Lightning struck again today when Mrs. Anderson called and said she thought she had a home for another one of our dogs....Aspen (RENAMED SCOOBY DOO)....a Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix.  Sure enough, Melody took her to Huntsville where it was love at first sight!  She will spend her first night out of the shelter and head to her new home in Vermont in the next couple of days!
Not only does Cathy help us save the lives of pups with the generous use of a van for our Sailing Trips....she graciously lets us use her office as our Offsite Alabama Adoption Headquarters!  ;)
That's what we are our eyes and ears.  You know when a friend just had to put his dog down.  You know when a neighbor just put up a brand new fence in the back yard.  You know when someone is a great pet owner and might have room for one more.  Please spread the word, folks.  We can't do this without you!
Take a look at these happy dogs!


Although this is not an adoption, we wanted you to know that we try our best for all the "criiters" that come into the shelter and we wanted to share Rocky's rescue with you. Liane Quick, one of our Shelter Friends took Rocky the Raccoon to meet his ride to Waldens Puddle!  Rocky was just opening his eyes as if to say Thank You to Liane for the ride and to Denise for taking care of him.