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Shower Installation Tips – A Guide For First-Timers

Shower installation is one of the most common bathroom remodeling task. This is because the shower is the most popular feature that a house’s bathroom has. Without it, the bathroom may not be aesthetically pleasing. A shower room that does not have a shower is like driving to the corner gas station only to find a McDonald’s restaurant instead. It is a sad sight indeed. But before you rip up your plans and head out to buy a shower cubicle, why not first consider shower installation.

There are actually several ways to go about bathroom shower placement. You could do what countless other people do and use your existing shower area as the shower room’s foundation. This method works great if you are able to have an existing shower room and still remodel the bathroom area around it. If this is the case, the floor of the shower area should not be damaged in the process since it is the part of the shower that will bear the brunt of water.

On the other hand, you can also try building a walk-in shower cubicle from scratch. It is actually not that uncommon to come across walk-in shower construction kits nowadays. These kits come with shower area walls, ceilings, and even floors pre-cut and ready to assemble (or install) together. The only glitch here lies in having the shower parts fit properly into each other and without compromising the areas of the shower walls. It may take a little more work and more time for the shower area walls to be fixed, but in the long run, it is cheaper.

But even if you do not have an existing shower area, it is not impossible to make one. In fact, there are actually countless do-it-yourself shower constructions that you can find in any home improvement store or garage sale. These shower houses do not necessarily require you to cut and place shower walls because they usually come pre-made and already fixed into the shower walls. All you need to do is just install the floor and maybe add a little more padding around the edges.

If you do not have the time and the skills on your hands, then you might want to hire a professional plumber to do the job. There are many general contractors in your locality that would be willing to undertake your shower installation needs. The price however does vary depending on the service and the contractor’s experience in the field. You also have to consider their reputation on staying within budget and offering quality workmanship as well.

One of the most important shower installation tips is the proper installation procedures. Properly installing the shower means that you also have to take care of the plumbing of the shower area. This includes installation of a drain trap, installation of a shower head, the fitting of a shower head, and the sealing and caulking of the shower walls. These can all get complicated if you do not know how to install them. Thus, hiring the best bathroom remodeling company in San Diego would be a good idea so he can do the job right.